Pt. I: Drawings


Pt. I: Drawings: a group show with works by Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft, Andreas Rønholt and J. Th. Lundby at Saaalt, Copenhagen.

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Installation view
Untitled (deer), installation view
Untitled (deer), 2019-2024, watercolour on paper, linseed oil paint, watercolour and graphite on pine wood frame, 69,5x53 cm
Untitled (deer), detail
Crisis (Kiki), installation view
Crisis (Kiki), 2023-2024, pencil on paper, frame painted with linseed oil paint and a pink blush from Mac cosmetics, 36x29,5x3 cm
Crisis (Kiki), detail
Installation view
Someone who can't sleep (Dürer's pillows)
Someone who can’t sleep (Dürer’s pillows), 2020-2024, watercolour and pencil on paper, linseed oil and pastel on pine wood frame, 82 x 68,5 cm
Someone who can’t sleep (Dürer’s pillows), detail

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